Netherlands ’12. Amsterdam

Ok, I’m going to try to do the things right. This one is going to be the first post of my new beginning =) And I don’t know a better way of start anything that travelling.

In this case, I’m going to show photos of my last trip. I had the oportunity to travel to The Netherlands. That’s an amazing land, a land with a lot of contrasts, and it’s a provocative land. It provokes questions, amazement, admiration, and in many aspects, little envy =)

My first stop was in Amsterdam. That’s a perfect representation of the country. A lot of constrasts, the old Rijksmuseum talking face to face with the modern Van Gogh Museum, the colour of Jewish district, the “exuberance” of the Red Lights District, all of this coexisting with the traditional environment…amazing city!

Tomorrow more!

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